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Here's a few shots from the collection down at Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma. They have a few Thomas guitars set aside in a glass cabinet. Nice to see Harvey get some respect.

This is a gorgeous C Model. Neck is green-to-black burst, and the body is clear walnut shaded to green. Sounds weird, but looks cool. This wild pickguard pattern was actually fairly common on the C Models. It's a kind of Nashville gothic thing that went along with a Porter Waggoner suit.

Check out the cool contours and the full-body checkered binding.

Shaping of the heel was variable on Thomas guitars. Sometimes they are just square. This one is nicely done. It's hard to see, but the serial number is stamped on the edge of the body just under the neck. It seems to be C1040.

Notice the ground-down Grover Sta-Tites. Harvey did the same thing with Klusons to make them fit.  
This beautiful C-model bass looks kind of like the mate to the C- model 6-sting above. In fact, they appear to have the same serial number, C1040. Both have the nice soft-rounded front contour and the checkered binding on the body and peghead. This one has a great example of Harvey's glitter "inlay" on the fretboard. I believe he had a commercial router guide that was sold for signmaking. I think it had movable steel letter and digbat cutouts that you could assemble in a frame, then go at it with a follower bit. Then just drop some glitter into each letter and fill it up with fiberglass resin.  

What a classic! The Maltese Surfer in all white, with the glitter edged plexi pickguard. These give a great view of the decal.

Ready for something unusual? How about this violin shaped hollow electric 4-string mandolin?

It's the Mod! Here's a bold marketing concept. Hippies like paisleys, so make paisley-shaped guitar! Actually, a paisley is a pretty good start to a guitar shape. I mean, put a small cutaway horn on the treble side and it would almost be traditional. It's a lot more guitar-like shape than an iron cross, after all. And note the distinctive peghead shape: Usual Thomas shape + hacksaw = Mod.

I don't know anything about those wild tuning gears. Never seen another set like them.

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